We are TIGERS.

The Independent Group for Engagement and Representation at Spennymoor.

TIGERS is a non-for-profit group and has no intention to conduct any fundraising events.

We are a new independent supporters group aiming to reach all supporters of Spennymoor Town FC and get YOUR voice represented at YOUR Football Club

So we want to hear from you!

You can join, you can email, and you can tweet us directly.

If you cannot print a form, you can submit the information via email to moors.tigers@gmail.com directly.

We hope to facilitate good communication between Spennymoor Town Football Club and all supporters via a range of means, including the technological means open to us and other supporters.

This website has been developed to offer a place for supporters to engage with one another and as a platform for healthy debate and the sharing of views, independent of the football club.

TIGERS is a non-for-profit group and has no intention conduct any fundraising events.


  • To provide a place for supporter opinion and sentiment to be shared away from public social media platforms, to promote positive communication and open discussion.

  • Make a concerted effort to communicate and encourage a dialogue with all groups of supporters.

  • Be a collective and independent voice, empowering supporters as a group rather than individuals.

  • Provide supporter representation at the football club by putting collective views to the club's board.

  • Work with and communicate effectively and quickly between supporters and the football club using technological means

Member Benefits