WELCOME! The open to all area of the TIGERS Forum

Open Forum for all Supporters seperate from TIGERS framework.
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Dan Newell
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WELCOME! The open to all area of the TIGERS Forum

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Over the past few months, we have been thinking about ways to expand the reach of our TIGERS communication channel to the wider fanbase.

Today marks the first of two steps we intend to take that we think will help to do this.

In order to make better use of the TIGERS Forum, we have opened this free to all section where non-members can join, post content and join the discussion.

The original forum with TIGERS Q&A's and other TIGERS business (past, present and future) will remain members only, giving our members first access to information we recieve from the club - including responses to questions asked.

If you are interested in joining TIGERS, you can do so by emailing moors.tigers@gmail.com

Spread the word and we look forward to the discussion, debates and banter!

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